The Benefits of Sage Payroll

Date posted: February 24th, 2014

Sage Payroll is used in business all over the world thanks to its outstanding qualities.  It isn’t just a basic tool used for paying employees, it also helps to manage your HR and employee records.  It helps to prepare audits, interact better with Inland Revenue and it even tracks any changes that take place.

Sage payrolls main job is to make sure that you pay your employees on time and correctly and issue them with sage wage slips. There are number of features to choose from when it comes to paying your staff that will ensure it is done accurately.  With the HR integration and employee records you are able to store a complete set of details on your employees such as photographs and personal information.  Appraisals and disciplinary can also be managed with Sage.

Sage payroll software has advance internet submissions and eBanking available allowing you to receive information directly from the Inland Revenue. This is done electronically making life easier and the process quicker.

Essential data is stored accurately within your sage payroll software making it easier to find historical information. This is important for completing tax audits or for replying to requests from the Benefits Agency.

One of the best features of Sage payroll is being able to access everything with ease. This drastically cuts down the time it would take to do it manually allowing you to get on with things elsewhere.  The software will print off reports for you and highlight any changes that have taken place. Employees hours are easily tracked making sure that they are in accordance with the European Working Time Directive and unlimited help and support is available to you should you get stuck.

With Sage payroll you can rest assured that all of your needs will be taken care of professionally and will meet the requirements of Inland Revenue.  You can feel confident in what you do with the brilliant help pages and wizards that guide you through each stage of the process.  Producing important forms such as P11’s, P14’s and P60’s has never been easier with the step by step guide on what to do and handy reminders so you know when to do it.

Finally Sage Payroll is secure not only for you but for your employees too.  Staff can feel confidents that receiving their payslips electronically is safe due to the password protection.  A payslip can only be opened by its owner with a password they have been given to do so.  A great way of keeping personal information confidential.


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