Payroll Management Systems

Date posted: August 28th, 2013

Are you looking to make savings when managing the payroll?

If your business has recently adopted a payroll software system and you are looking at ways to reduce costs to help offset the initial financial outlay, here are a couple of suggestions.

Using compatible forms as part of your payroll and accountancy system can streamline the way in which you work and ultimately save your business money. For example, if you use an Iris GP accounting software system, by choosing an Iris compatible payslip you are saving the time that would have been spent aligning and ensuring that all information is correctly positioned prior to printing each pay slip out. All pay slip information is taken directly from the payroll software and so also limits the possibility of human error when transferring information.

Compatible stationery can be specifically customised to meet the needs of a business. For example an Iris Compatible Payslip can be designed to display the information that is required by law, along with any additional criteria that an individual business would choose to include. This is all based around original print-outs of the software so as to guarantee that they fit the software and the printer.

Buying compatible stationery is more cost effective by far. Choosing to buy software branded original stationery products is a more expensive option. Compatible stationery is available for all main software providers such as Sage, Pegasus and Iris and covers a wide range of products such as laser wage slips, P60′s, book keeping statements, invoices and envelopes. By buying all of these in software compatible versions you could accrue in the region of 75% savings when buying computer stationery for your business.

Another cost saving suggestion when using a computerized payroll system is to fold and seal pay slips. In doing this, there is no need to purchase envelopes and reduces labour costs by not having to place the slip into the envelope and address it. Securing pay slips by pressure sealing is the simplest, quickest and most reliable way to ensure privacy. Laser pay slips can be closed in this method by using a pressure seal machine and there are currently several to choose from on the market such as the OfficeMate 2D, which is an extremely quiet to operate, is suitable for small volumes and is seen as an entry level machine. The machine type and size should be selected based upon the scale and requirements of a business.

Ask your stationery provider for advice on how to get the most out of your payroll software, there are always savings to be made.

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