Top 10 Job Application Mistakes

Date posted: June 25th, 2013

These mistakes are very easily done and are extremely common, although these mistakes are very slight, it can still make an employer take one look at you application form and throw it out before finishing it. Make sure you take a look at these very common errors.

First of all, the obvious thing to do first is check for spelling and grammatical mistakes. Everyone makes them so be wary. When a form has a number of spelling mistakes it looks to the employer that you have rushed the form and put in little care. Get a friend or a member of your family to read through it or alternatively spell check it on the computer if you are typing it up.

You must never leave fields blank on an application form. This is advised for many reason but most importantly, the employer will ultimately know more about your competitors than you.  Usually, when an employer receives incomplete forms, they usually see this as an easy way to just cut down the numbers by throwing them out. Blank spaces and gaps of information can also sometimes appear as a lack of focus to the task.

Another easy thing to do but somehow people still manage to fail to do is handing you application in on time. Usually there will be some kind of deadline on when you can hand in your application form and if you hand it in even an hour or two late, it straight away gives the employer a first impression of your punctuality, that’s even if they accept it after the deadline!

Another important factor and one is one of the most common mistakes that comes up on application forms is the missing out of information between jobs. It isn’t always the best thing to do to leave unexplained gaps in work. When there has been gaps in-between jobs, it often looks bad and you should explain why. If you have left a job to take care of a family member or for a new born child, you should certainly state this is why you decided to leave.

When writing job applications or even CV’s, people tend to write long paragraphs and try their best to include big words to impress the reader. In reality, because everyone’s is written like this, the employer finds it boring to read and will often stop halfway through. Try to keep it short and simple so it sticks in the reader’s mind.


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