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Date posted: February 18th, 2013

Compatible forms are specialist forms that allow you to print out things like payslips and other important documents with minimal effort. This is because they already have things that are specific if you like to each job that you need, for example if you need a payroll slip printed then you would choose a payroll form so that when you print it out the correct boxes are in the right place so that it looks more professional.

The forms that are on offer from compatible forms work with Iris Payroll software, which is software that offers customers the greatest service and a company that has a great reputation for leading brands, with 98% customer retention, 2.5 million tax returns successfully filed with HMRC.

They also are compatible with Pegasus Capital and Opera software which is another leading company and an award winning supplier of accounting, business and payroll software solutions with over 30 years of experience.

It also offers forms that are compatible with Sage Enterprise Software which are really the main leaders in the accounting sector with 30 years of experience and over 800,000 businesses in the UK that trust them to help, they offer many different packages within the business like finance, payroll, CRM, retail and eCommerce and many more to suit the exact needs of your business accounts.

Compatible forms are important for a business because they support the way you work. If you are a small business with up to 50 employees then compatible forms provide easy to use methods of printing out the correct forms.

They also offer great solutions for big businesses for companies with over 50 employees, they offer customisable forms for in-house consultants and for external partners, also they have streamline operations and business management processes to make sure that you are confident in your order that you place.

Compatible forms offer the best quality forms at low prices so that it doesn’t have to cost the earth for forms so that you can do business easily with the correct forms in your office.


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