Welcome to Compatible Forms.

We offer top quality, original and compatible forms for use with all popular accounting and payroll software packages. These include Sage, Pegasus and Iris. We can design and create customised forms specifically for your business or you can simply choose to use one of our own templates. Compatible Forms always aim to deliver the best and most cost effective solutions for your needs.

We supply A4 forms for Ink Jet and Laser printers, the ultra white paper has reduced shading to produce a sharper image and improve how clear it is when photocopying. We also supply Continuous Forms for Dot Matrix printers which are crimped on either side every two inches in order to ensure that they run smoothly through the printer.

All of our products will reach you in pristine condition as we make sure that they are packaged appropriately to avoid damages. All of our products have next day delivery to make sure that they are with you as quickly as possible.

Our best-selling forms

Encourage prompt payment and portray a professional image. 90GSM White paper pri
90GSM White paper printed blue ink. Use for Purchase Ledger payments. Use with S
Both parts printed blue ink. Top Copy - White paper. Bottom Copy - Blue paper. M
Both parts printed blue ink. Top Copy - White paper. Bottom Copy - Pink paper. M